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Collecting W-9 Information

Last Updated:
March 30, 2017

In order to fill out a 1099, you’ll need several pieces of information from the person or vendor you paid. The W-9 is an IRS form that you would give to someone you pay in order to gather this information for their 1099 (if one is due). Here’s the most necessary information gathered:

  • Legal name of the contractor (Line 1)
  • Business name if different from the contractor's name (Line 2)
  • The contractor’s federal tax classification (Line 3)
  • Address (Line 5,6)
  • Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number (Part 1)

In the event that any information is incorrect on the 1099, the IRS will want to know if you sent the recipient a W-9 and request to compare the information provided on the W-9 with the 1099 information. There could be penalties for not being able to provide a W-9.

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