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How To Use Payable Just For 1099 Taxes

Last Updated:
December 28, 2016

Want to use Payable just to deliver and file 1099s? No problem, we offer a standalone 1099 tax formservice.

During sign up tap on the "Taxes Only" option:

As part of the service we offer several options for generating forms:

  • Full Form Import: With this option, you’ll prepare all the data needed for generating forms 1099-MISC and/or 1099-K in CSV files and upload them to Payable. From there, we’ll generate forms using that data.
  • Stripe Connect Integration: If you use Stripe Connect for payments, then we can sync that data to generate forms.
  • Manual Generation: You can manually create forms as well by filling out the contractor and payments information box-by-box.

From there, you’ll invite your contractors or vendors to join Payable where they will confirm and add taxpayer information. They’ll also select their 1099 form delivery method (either mail delivery or electronic delivery).

When ready, you can deliver and e-file all prepared forms!

Pay your contractors with Payable!

$0.99 per payment

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