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How do I invite contractors and vendors to Payable?

Last Updated:
December 28, 2016

After you generate 1099 forms, you have the option to invite form recipients (contractors and vendors) who are not already in Payable. On the dashboard, you’ll be prompted to invite recipients.

From there, you’ll be able to customize the message sent to recipients. We also created this post to walk through the onboarding experience for recipients when they sign up.

What if form recipients are already in Payable?

If the recipient is already in Payable, they’ll be prompted to confirm or add their tax identification information (SSN/EIN, address, etc.)  and select a delivery method within Account Settings.

If the recipient has been marked as a non-user, you’ll need to enter their tax information based on what you've already collected.

Should I let my recipients know about this in advance?

Yes! If they aren’t already users, it’s best to set proper expectations. Payable is asking for sensitive information and we find that communicating to your contractors up front lets them be more comfortable with the entire process.

This can be done either in an email from your company prior to sending out Payable invitations, or within the custom message box at the point that you’re ready to invite them. Feel free to use this template as a guide:

Sample Invitation Messaging

Hi [Contractor],

For the 2016 tax year, [Company] has partnered with Payable to help us file and deliver your 1099 tax forms. You’ll soon receive an email invitation to sign up for Payable — this will help us confirm and update your tax information. Once filed, you will be able to retrieve your tax forms from within Payable for your own tax preparation and records.

Payable is secure, easy, and has resources to help answer many of your questions in the Payable Help Center. We think you’ll find using Payable very straightforward but please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Happy 2017!

The [Company] Team

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