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How to Deliver 1099 Forms to Recipients

Last Updated:
March 30, 2017

You’ve gathered all the information needed to generate the forms (which includes the recipient tax identification information and the payments data). Now it’s time to discuss the best way to deliver 1099s to recipients. And guess what? You’ve got options!

Delivery to 1099 Recipients

The first deadline for 1099-MISC and 1099-K is for delivering the form to contractors and recipients. The deadline this year is January 31, 2017. This deadline applies regardless of whether you deliver the forms electronically or via paper snail mail. The forms must be postmarked by January 31, 2017.

Mail delivery

For mail delivery, you’ll need to obtain the right paper to print the forms on. You can order them from the IRS website or obtain them at an office supply store. Don’t worry, they’re free!


Many companies choose to e-deliver 1099 forms to their recipients either through their platform or through email. But, in order to send electronically the recipient must consent to doing so. If they don’t respond or consent to e-delivery, the default is mail delivery.

Payable automatically collects IRS-compliant e-delivery consent as part of the onboarding process for any of your recipients.

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