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The fastest way to scale your payouts. Onboarding, Payments, and Compliance in one place.

Scaling from dozens to thousands of contractors?


Collect signed W-9s online to avoid IRS penalties. All contractor info is captured prior to first payment.


Calculate payments using a robust engine that can handle differences by worker, task being done, time of day, and more.


Upload CSVs or integrate with the API to eliminate the need to build and maintain your own payments infrastructure.

What Our Customers Say

"The visibility of our payments, work and the convenience of managing everything in a single pace. It's priceless.
— Dayne Ford, President & CEO, Strive Media
“I was dreading 1099 tax forms. But, in the end, it was
just a few clicks on our end and BOOM!
— Jordan Brown, CEO of Lugg —

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I get with the Payable service?
Simply put, a lot. Payable provides everything you need to pay your contract workers and handle tax forms. Signed W-9s are captured up front. Payments are made transparently. 1099s are automatically generated at year-end. And, your workers get an online portal to access their payments at any time on mobile or web.

Throughout the year, Payable's app and notifications keep your contract workers informed of all aspects of their payments — how much they'll be paid, what they'll be paid for, and when it will hit their accounts.
2. How long does it take to integrate with Payable?
We've had customers get going in an afternoon, but the more typical case is a couple of weeks. Once you get your API keys and the integration going, you'll be able to offload your payment calculations and delivery to Payable.

Robust CSV import and export is also available to get up and going without the need for getting developers involved.
3. How are payments calculated?
Payable's calculation engine is extremely flexible. Configurable "work types" allow you to track any type of work. Pay your workers by the hour, delivery, tweet, mile, photo, event, and anything else you can think of. You can even track expenses and deductions and make sure they don't end up on the 1099 at the end of the year.

On top of that, pay rates can also be varied by the individual performing the work. A senior worker might make more dollars per hour or be reimbursed at a higher rate.

Advanced rules can also be defined to create structures for performance bonuses, special incentives, and more.
4. What about questions on payments and tax forms?
Once payments or tax forms are sent to your workers, a whole new wave of work begins. The good news is that Payable doesn't let that land on your plate.

Payment amounts are transparently displayed to your workers with totals, line items, and expected dates for when the money will hit their bank accounts. On tax forms, requests for corrections, lost forms, and PDF copies are all handled through the app.

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