Payments & Tax Forms

Send payments, capture W-9s, and deliver 1099s for all your contractors


Send payments in just a couple clicks

Payable simplifies contractor payments, making it easy to manage hundreds of contractors at a time. Use our custom work tracking tools to automate invoicing or integrate using our API to make mass payouts nearly hands-free.

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Capture W-9s upfront

Payable simplifies contractor onboarding, making it easy to bring on hundreds of contractors at a time. Make sure you capture signed W-9s up front to avoid legal and tax headaches down the road.

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File and deliver 1099s in seconds

Payable automatically creates 1099 forms based on the payments you make. Add historical payments, upload your own CSVs, or pull in data directly from Stripe Connect. If any worker is missing required information, Payable reaches out to get it.

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Staying compliant has never been easier

Automated Payouts

Sending payments takes seconds, whether you’re paying one contractor or hundreds.

Payment Tracking

Payment status alerts give both companies and contractors transparency in real-time, any time.

Express Onboarding

Go paperless and leave data entry behind with e-signatures and Direct Deposit capture.


Multi-factor authentication and bank-grade encryption keeps both company and contractor data safe.

Quality Support

Need help at any time? We’ve got a talented team to support both you and your contractors.

Reporting Tools

Need to track and analyze your payment data? Export reports at anytime.


Collecting W-9s upfront helps you avoid IRS penalties. Payable keeps the W-9 updated throughout the year.

Streamlined Operations

Say goodbye to paper! With Payable, you manage contractor onboarding, payments, and taxes in one place.

Tax Forms

Avoid fees and IRS notices by ensuring you have the proper documentation signed and readily available.

Automatically pay and stay compliant

$9.99 per contractor per year + $0.99 per payment