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A better way to pay contractors

Companies and contractors alike love Payable’s fast payments, automated 1099 tax tools, and access to benefits.


"A process that once took multiple people hours, now takes only 20 minutes."

— Heather Powell, CEO, Whatcom Boys & Girls Club
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“I love it. It’s the easiest thing I’ve ever done and all the contractors love it too.”

— Genni Risner, Senior Payroll Specialist, NerdWallet
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"We love the additional benefits that Payable offers contractors."

— Kristin Smith, COO, Dolly
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“I use Payable to send out all of my 1099’s when tax time rolls around."

— Maria Kontovas, NEAT Method New York
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The best way to manage, pay, and delight your contractors.


PDF invoices and mailing checks are a thing of the past. Make contractor payments transparent, fast, and secure.

Tax Forms

File and deliver 1099s in a tap come January! Payable seamlessly collects all required tax info and W-9s upfront.


Improve retention by connecting contractors to needed benefits like health insurance, retirement, and taxes help.

Find out how other businesses are adapting to the freelance economy

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